Kitchen Aid Range Knobs

Oct 3, 2015
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After 10 years the knobs on our Kitchen Aid range have gotten loose. The knobs are held onto the control shafts by what I can best describe as leaf type springs, that the 'stove' ends are wrapped onto the rotating shaft. (Imagine a 'T' where the bottom part is the leaf and the cross parts wrap around the shaft in a milled in groove, kind of like a pocket clip on an old ball point pen) It seems that the leaf that is recessed into a slot machined into the shaft have weakened and got to where they no longer hold the knobs snugly. The 'spring' acts to snug the knob as well as act like a key. I got to bend two back into a higher arc and they are working OK, the third one broke when I tried to bend it. So, on that controller, I snipped a thin piece of sheet metal, about < 1/8" wide and was able to manipulate it onto the shaft and get the knob over it so it works ok, but it is causing the knob to stick out a bit too much. The knobs are good quality, all metal with no inserts or plastic but the spring thing on the shaft is a crappy way to hold on the knob. The springs which are a small stamping were probably 5 cents a piece but are not available, they come as part of....on the controller assembly. That is a real deal......$190 a piece! So that ain't happening. I am hoping someone found a better/easier solution. I guess my fall back will be to see if I can drill an access hole through the outside of the knob (it would be in the normal/off position at the bottom. Then drill an appropriate hole to tap for a set screw that would lock the knob onto the shaft. Sounds like too much work and when explained to my wife, her complaint was ... how will I get the knobs off to clean? I told her I would buy her an Allen wrench....wrong answer. Anyway, long story, expected disappointment for a premium price appliance, and I am hoping someone has found an efficient solution for not too much $$$. FWIW Model KESS907XSP02

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