Painting kitchen ceiling

Aug 19, 2023
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United Kingdom
I had my kitchen painted last year including the ceiling.
Last month I had some additional kitchen work done with kitchen units.
The ceiling was left a bit of a mess so I attempted to touch it up using the same paint. I overdone it and it looks really bad ie large darker patches where I’ve touched up.
I can see the paint is a lot thicker where I’ve touched up and a different texture as I’ve used a different roller.
I now want to attempt to paint the entire ceiling with two coats to level it all out.
My question is whether I need to sand down the touched up patches first ie will the same noticeable difference reoccur when I repaint the whole ceiling due to the thicker patches I’ve already touched up, or if I simply repaint the whole ceiling will it just blend in.
Thanks in advance for any advice. Painting isn’t one of my finer DIY skills.


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