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Jul 8, 2019
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United Kingdom
We have a biggish garage built approx. 1990, with two sliding wooden doors, both about the same size of an approx. size of a standard UK garage door. The issue is that they need painting again but, with all the previous coats of paint beginning to flake, I do not want to just paint again over the old paint. From what I have seen, there are two options open, one being using paint stripper; however, we have dogs, cats, chickens and ducks that all hang around the doors. The other is a blow torch, and I am a little bit worried of setting the doors alight. Does anyone have any other ideas and advice they can give me. Also we are a little concerned that removing the paint may result in the doors not staying in one piece, but that is only a very small concern. Thank you.


Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

Welcome to the forum. :)

Paint stripper is terrible stuff and dangerous; the fumes given off can cause serious health problems as can splashes especially if into eyes; it's messy and once the paint is finally removed will paint stripper still be left in the wood grain. Enough reasons not to use paint stripper.

You mention using a blow torch; would this be the cartridge type with flame like a blow lamp; if so then it takes practice to remove the paint without burning the wood; do your doors have windows if so these are very liable to crack if the flame is allowed to linger; mouldings too are prone to being burned because they tend to be fiddly taking time to strip cleanly.

Using a flame is very quick and highly effective; this is the old and tried way of removing paint; hand protection is a must; I use heavy rigger gloves; for a gentler but still very effective way to remove the paint if you aren't used to using a blow torch may I suggest using an electric heat gun?

I've owned and used one of the DeWalt heat guns for a few years; when I bought mine it was on special offer for only £20 but once bought it pays for itself.

I've not checked but it's highly likely there will be lots of videos on YouTube showing how to remove paint if you care to browse?

It's unlikely you'll set the doors alight but be very careful of the stripped paint which is very hot indeed and could be in flames so watch where it drops; the heat gun will be a lot easier to control. You're already aware of the risks to children and animals.

Having gone to all the time and trouble to strip the paint please use top quality paint not the cheap stuff that only lasts until the next rainfall. I like Benjamin Moore paint and although it's expensive it's actually cheapest long term;

Kind regards, Colin.

Benjamin Moore_001.JPG

I gave our bungalow exterior a comprehensive makeover about four years ago using Benjamin Moore paint for the first time and the paint still looks as though it's freshly applied.

Good luck.

Kind regards, Colin.
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