Emergency Batteries for temp power

Aug 18, 2014
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NE Ohio
Hi, I'm looking to set up a kit of temp solar panels & batterys for temp power during possible outage. I'm looking at 1 to 3 days for emergency power, refigerator, sump pump, furnace/ if needed, and a few lights maybe tv. I live in ne ohio, have gas stove, so really thinking main item is frigerator / 650W running, sump pump/450 running and small loads total.
I have 100 watts in solar panels now, thinking to get another 100w of panels and tie them to DC distribution center. I'm guessing 2 to 4 batterys, two in use and two to charge maybe.
Question: What size batterys would be a good choice for this kit. Refrigerator is 2 yrs old, furnace 94% efficient, 1yr old,so fairly new appliances, is it necessary to use a pure sine wave
inverter or is that overkill, and a regular sine wave inverter would work fine for frig & furnace.

Thanks for any input,
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