Electric Water Heater ? Mobile Home vs Regular

Jul 29, 2018
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Does anyone know what the difference is between a regular electric water heater and a "Mobile Home Compliant" (HUD Compliant) electric water heater?

I understand the differences for the gas/propane heaters, and they make sense. However, the only real difference that I can see with the electric water heaters is the placement of the cold water inlet and the physical size of the heater. On mobile home water heaters, the cold inlet is on the side, and the hot outlet is on the top. On regular electric water heaters, both are on the top.

Local DIY Superstore offered two equivalent water heaters, one for mobile homes and one not for mobile homes. Electrically, they were identical. The only differences were that one was about 3" narrower than the other, and the plumbing was rearranged (and one was in stock, while the other wasn't).

So is there any real difference? Why does it matter? Is my home going to burn down because I installed the wrong water heater?


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