Connections to an old fused spur switch and a single socket

Aug 20, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I have swapped over all of the sockets and switches in my house with no issues, but I have 1 fused spur switch next to a single socket that I have a query about.

All the sockets have 2 cables running into them except the one next to the fused switch, which has a connection to the back of the fused switch.

The fused switch originally belonged to a an external fan that is no longer there, so I don't need a fused switch there anymore and was hoping to swap it to a second single socket (I could have switched it to a double socket, but would leave a gap around the edge of the socket given the difference in sizes).

Searching around, it looks like I can swap the fused switch for a socket, but if I do that, I'm curious how I connect the cables/wires. Do I just used 1 cable into the existing socket and leave the joining wires out? Do I connect it the same was as it is at the moment and use the joining wires to complete the circuit?

Or am I better playing it safe and leaving it as it is at the moment and getting an electrician (who'll no doubt think I'm stupid for asking)?

Any help/suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.


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