Wallpapering for first time....help!

Discussion in 'Painting and Decorating' started by heatherq48, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. heatherq48


    Jun 25, 2018
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    would appreciate lots of tips and advice, cant afford a decorator so trying to learn myself lol, what tools do i need, i already have my wallpaper its a matching wallpaper and its a paste the paper one, many thanks
    heatherq48, Jun 25, 2018
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  2. heatherq48


    Dec 24, 2010
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    southern scotland
    Hi Heather,hope this helps. If you already have wallpaper, make sure you take number of batch. If it is a drop pattern you will loose some when matching. Set out a table to paste on, (you can buy cheap folding DIY ones) you can get paste all over, don't use dining table. You will need a bucket, pasting brush, (I have always used a wide, cheap paintbrush). Make sure you have taken off loose bristles first. You will need to mix your paste. Look at the packets because some are for heavy wallpapers (thick ones) others just norma lweight paper.You will know by feeling it. Some people use a plumb line..a weighted string to start off the straight line witha drawing pin to secure at top.. You can do it with kitchen string and something heavy like a nut or bolt. just to keep line straight. I always start in a corner and work away from windows. My painter & dec dad tod me this 50 yrs ago.
    You will also need a roller and a dry brush from a DIY shop (well known chais such as B&Q or Wilkinsons have them cheap. Scissors for cutting the paper, (as long as you can manage. Also step ladders, (folding kind).
    Take your paper, offer it up to the wall, whilst unrolling and mark a line as a crease for the cut. You can also measure down your plumb line for first piece. Paste paper length. Fold it over as you go...one fold from top to centre and one from bottom to centr. this will stop it sticking to you and everything else. Take it up the ladder, open top fold and ease into place, it should just slide. Brush from cantre outwards and down, then open bottom fold and repeat. If your wall is not quite straight you will have a piect top and bottom. Don't let this dry out. When the paper is brushed into plce and air bubbles gently rolled out run your finger across where it meets ceiling or cornice and mark with a crease. Pull paper back gently and cut across line. You can then brush back to fit the wall. Don't worry it takes a bit of practice but you can do it.
    Match next piece of paper, making sure you match the pattern. Cut, paste and same as last time. You now have two pieces on and you are away. Don't cut your paper too short on first cut, you may need a litte wriggle room for walls which are not straight and run away.
    Think that's all and good luck. By the way I am a 70 year od woman who has always done this herself.
    Stay cool. Barbara, self builder.
    Selfbuilder, Jul 3, 2018
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