Underfloor heating temp control from combi boiler CH

Jun 19, 2023
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United Kingdom
I am having a small extension built (15 sq/m) and wanted to add underfloor heating. as it is such as small space i would just have a single flow and return and no manifold.

I have a greenstart 4000 combi boiler and have a seperate flow and return for the underfloor heating.

I have seen a fair few other pieces of advice such as ensuring there is a bypass valve and some people advising a closed coupled T or a low loss header.

My main query that i dont currently understand is that my boiler temp for the CH will be set to around 65C whereas the underfloor heating temps are meant to be around 45C.

I see some of the UFH kits include a mixer valve but this would introduce more water into what is a closed system wouldnt it?

How would you lower / regulate the temperature that goes to the underfloor heating down to the recommended values?
Thanks in advance.

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