Underfloor heating - replace thermostat?

Dec 6, 2020
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United Kingdom
HI all.

SO we had underfloor heating installed a year or so ago and the plumber used the cheapest thermostat available - this one: pa_2109151.pdf (free-instruction-manuals.com)

The instructions are impenetrable so I've had it constantly in manual mode, with the expected increase in electric bills.

I'd like to replace this with a smart WiFi thermostat - it doesn't matter what it looks like as it will be in a cupboard. It needs to be Wifi as my wife is disabled and can't access it physically.

Can i simply buy one online like this one: Wifi_Thermostat_Instruction_Manual.pdf - Google Drive and wire it the same as the original?

Or are there other things I need to take account of?

Also, any recommendations for good solid units that work well on Wifi would be appreciated.

Thanks in antici...




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