Toilet with problems

Dec 19, 2020
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United Kingdom
Please read this first bit. We found water coming from under the pan, it was clean not waste water. We called British Gas ( we have a contract) and a DAY later someone turns up. He did his fix and left, we looked and there was the water again. He was called back, after a total 7 hours it appears to be water tight, we are hoping it stays that way. The real problem is the cistern needs to be removed first.

As you can see from the picture we have a surround thats covers the cistern, this is held in place by four fixings inside. They are the type that tighten just through a 90 degree turn (like Ikea furniture). My problem is there is no room for a screw driver and a hand. I have plenty of tools but none get in that space even using a 1/4 drive ratchet with a socket that holds a short hex PK/philps bit
Anyone have some ideas????????? and what size are the Phillips heads. They are BIG.




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