Tefal Express Anti Calc Steam Generator Iron

Jul 16, 2018
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My Tefal Express is probably a good 8 or possibly 10 years old. I called Tefal to see how I might give it a really good de-calc and home service. So, After
i: Cleaning the Anti-Calc Rod
ii. Flushing out the boiler chamber with fresh water
iii. Cleaning my iron's sole plate with a bit of fairy liquid and a sponge and
iv. Putting a few drops of vinegar on the steam holes to soften residual crud
It seems, after plugging back in and switching on that I have now lost all control of my steam iron. Even on 'no steam' settings it seems that the iron gets up to temperature and spouts steam constantly, regardless of position/settings. The 'shot of steam' button has become irrelevant. Anybody any clues?
Tefal put me in touch with Stafford Repair company, who offered to collect it next day, and, to be honest were quite helpful in offering a reasonable quick repair service for £65, which would include a refurbished iron if mine could not be fixed.

Anybody got any suggestions before I accept their offer?


OK, I thought before posting that I would add a quick video to demonstrate this but, like the disappearing rattle on a car at the garage, it seems now to be working normal. Has anybody come across this with a Tefal before - is there some kind of self cleaning process that it goes through? would I have forked out £65 for no reason?

Instead of deleting this before posting I thought I would post anyway and see A) if anybody has come across this kind of thing before with Tefal Steam Generator irons and B) perhaps stop someone rushing out immediately to buy a new one if it happens to them.


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