T&G replacement & CH pipes

Discussion in 'Joinery, Woodwork and Carpentry' started by Kevin1908, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Aug 12, 2017
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    Although this is flooring thought it might be better off here. There is a plumbing issue also.

    I did away with carpets many years ago leaving bare floor boards but the landing in my 1936 house is not the best. The boards here seemed to a shrunk much more than else where in the with very large gaps between the boards. They have been filled but since the boards were badly bashed about when the CH was put in many years ago I thought it best to replace then on the landing and the box room. The bathroom at the other end has marine ply and is tiled
    I bought just a few new boards to gauge how this would go as the new boards are 20mm , looked nearer 20.5 and the old ones are 18 to 19mm and wanted to see how it would look at the join to the 1st and 2nd bedroom.
    But I found that if I lay new boards and butt the tightly and starting with a new complete board from the stairs then the joint between the 5th and 6th board will be over one of the CH pipes. That would leave a couple of inches of the 5th board unsupported. The pipes were laid offset anyway. It would look daft starting with half a board. I guess that I need to relocate the pipes a couple on inches over then reinforce the joist where it was cut away.
    Anything else I can consider short of narrower or wider boards. I guess 135mm is pretty standard. The older ones seem to vary from 130 to 140mm.
    Kevin1908, Aug 12, 2017
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