Should I pour a DIY slab vs plywood floor for my sheds? $$$

Feb 23, 2021
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United States
Hello everyone. I have many diy builds that have been in the works around my land. A couple of them include sheds, some smaller and some larger. Before the increase in material prices, I would have done a plywood floor for all of the builds. Now with materials; plywood/2x/4x, all being so expensive..I’m wondering if it would be cheaper or just more cost effective to try a diy slab on all of them..
I know the benefits of slabs in general, I am inquiring about cost. I have never done any concrete work so I am not familiar with cost to diy. None of these sheds will be used for super heavy equipment. Mainly building materials and atv/snowmobile, etc. Given what I’ve stated, for a 16x16 shed that will house materials and a snowmobile, would it be more cost effective to pour a diy slab rather than a plywood floor with floor joists and skids?
Thanks everyone!
Looking forward to being involved with this forum:)
Sep 15, 2018
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South Manchester
Hi and welcome.

This is my shed in our garden.
I took this photo last year. I'd just changed the roofing felt. There's no rot, or damp.


I built it for our daughter's expanding collection of rabbits and guineapigs when she was seven.

She'll be fifty-three this year and long left home, (so have the animals!)

The shed is made of re-claimed roofing ply, including the floor and some reclaimed windows from the house next door when they had double glazing installed.

It stands six inches above the ground on little brick piers, to allow for air circulation.

It's testomony to the best way to build a shed.

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