Replacement Moen Shower Handle

Jul 1, 2018
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I recently replaced my daughter's Moen 1225 shower cartridge and in the process ended up breaking the plastic knob handle. It's one of those round clear plastic handles that pulls out to turn water on and pushes in to turn it off. This knob handle has a particular keyway which is different from the replacement one I bought. Also, the center screw that comes with it which screws into the cartridge isn't the right length. When I tighten the handle screw all the way tight it pulls the cartridge out a little, turning the water flow on. There seems to be a certain size handle knob and screw which will fit this cartridge without turning the water on when it is tightened. I've looked online but can't seem to come up with the correct part number for the replacement and I was hoping someone on this forum might be familiar with what I'm talking about. Sorry for the long post.

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