Rebuilding 1890's porch

Jul 31, 2020
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United States
I am in progress on renovating an old porch. The porch has 5 columns 5"x5" square supporting the roof and 2 outside decorative columns 5"x3.5" on the house over the ledger board. The decorative columns measure 95" from joist to porch surface. The supporting columns have had the bottoms replaced at times in the past and the piers have settled over 130 years. I have decided that I want to restore the porch to the original 3/4" dip (6ft at 1/8" per ft), instead of the current dip of about 2.5". I will restore the piers to 3/4" down from the ledger. That means that I have to decide whether to restore the support columns to 95" or do I restore them to 95.75"??? Does anyone have any idea which is correct? If the original porch floor had a standard dip of 3/4" and the roof beams were horizontal then the original columns were 95.75", right?



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