Problem removing fire breast !

Dec 22, 2016
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My friend wants to pull down a fire breast in the basement , it is not the original , it is a brick built one , built around the original , have taken some bricks of to see if it is supporting anything and I am a bit puzzled has to what I am finding .

Looking at the very top , it seems there is a concrete base base above it which looks like the fire hearth of the second floor fireplace !.
The way I understand it is that there was some timber going across the top of the floor/Ceiling joists and that would of been the form to cast the concrete base for the second floor fire hearth ! .

But it seems ( if I am correct ) that someone has chopped away part of that timber along with part of the Joist and stuck a couple of bricks from the new fire breast up to the concrete below the second floor hearth ! .
Maybe the pics attached will explain it better me

It is quite a old 3 storey sand stone building





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