Poulan chainsaw

Oct 15, 2018
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P3314 is impossible to start because I cannot pull the rope with enough force to really spin the engine. The rope feels like it is caught on something, but it is not. With spark plug removed the .engine is easy to spin which led me to think that a timing problem was causing the hang up. I ruled that out when I found that the hang up happens even with the kill switch engaged. I have also ruled out carbon build up. Anybody have any theories? I appreciate any advise or ideas offered. Thanks, Ted


Jun 21, 2014
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Baton Rouge, La.
They don't spin over very easily. Are you trying to start it holding saw in one hand and pulling starter cord?

On a cold start I have to place the saw on the ground. put one of my knees on the engine of the saw pinning it to the ground, I take my left hand and squeezing the throttle lever to full speed and pull starter rope with my right hand. I do this with the choke closed, normally if there i nothing wrong the saw it will pop after a few pulls. After the pop I stop and I open the choke, hold saw as I previously described and with throttle wide open and pull starter rope. Saw should start. Don't rev engine until the chain break is off.

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