Panasonic TH-P50U30A Board Change and chip got burnt :(

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by wood, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    Hi all,

    Let me start by describing what has happened from the beginning.

    When I was watching TV, the TV suddenly went black with a pop sound. Green light was on but remote was not working. I turned off and on the power it just showed the green led but the screen is still black without backlight. After diagnosis with resistance test I reckon the problem of SC board (the green light on board was also gone). So I sent the board to a engineer to fix.

    Got it back today and put it back to TV and expected everything is alright. The green light of SC board is back as soon as the power is on, however, a chip (C653) on SU board started burnning and eventually detached from the board. At the moment I dare not turn it on again. Apparent SU board is not working anymore...

    Anyone has idea know what's going on? Would it be a double fault at the beginning on both SC and SU board? Any further test I can do in order to fix it?

    Thanks a lot.
    wood, Jun 9, 2017
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