Moen bathroom sink low flowing hot water

Apr 23, 2020
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United States
Now that the pedestal sink and drain are completed for the time being, I'm about to tackle the hot water flow problem in the Moen L4601 Chateau

bathroom sink faucet. Not only is the hot water side a stiffer pull, but also the flow is gradually slowing. I'm not certain that a cartridge change would address the low hot water flow but I think I'm on the right track (like a slipped O ring. My kitchen sink for similar reasons, I replaced the entire faucet not knowing about replaceable cartridges. From the Moen site it seems that the faucet take a 1225 cartridge. I have most of the tools I need but I need to lay a hand to my channel locks, I have a larger pair of genuine Vise Grip needle nose pliers, but don't want to destroy the cartridge just in case it's not a Moen 1225.
The Moen site has a great step by step video on replacing these cartridges; The video is in the lower portion of this page
Just in case are there any other tricks or tips I need to know?

Thanks in advance.


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