kitchen mixer tap

Jun 1, 2012
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i have just moved house,the kitchen tap is a mixer tap ,who ever did the plumbing crossed the hot and cold taps,ie.cold supply comes out of the left and hot from the right.tap was dripping so i decided to change the cartridge which is a ceramic disc type,the tap cover has been loose when i moved in,it has 3 egg shaped bits which screw on tthe cover,i cannot seem to get the cover on,as the grub screws you have to tighten and loosen with an allen type key,obviously the cover fits over the end of the cartridge which turns the ceramic disc and lets the water through,any suggestions anyone?has anyone come across mixer taps like these?the other tap the hot side which is the right hand lever i cannot get the cover off of that side,does anyone know how?i have taken the three egg shaped domes off which scew onto grub screws then you remove the grub screw with your allen key but tried to remove the cover,i dont want to force it too much just in case i break it,the reason i want to take the hot side off is because i thought i would change the cartridges over as someone has swapped the pipes


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