kitchen mixer tap low pressure

Aug 19, 2019
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United Kingdom
I have been getting generally low pressure out of the hot tap on the kitchen sink mixer tap. it has got worse and sometimes just trickles out. All other taps have good pressure. I have taken the tap apart as far as I can but I cannot undo the nut holding the tap internals in the body. Do you think applying heat to it will aid removal? I think the tap is the problem as I found that the tap travel is only around one turn and the cold is 2 full turns. I did manage to get a good flow by turning the tap back and forth and I then got more travel and flow but now it has gone back to its old ways. The the tap has been plumbed behind the cabinet and Belfast sink which means it is going to be a pig of a job to get to the tap if it needs changing. The granite worktop is split both sides of the sink but I am reluctant to remove this to gain access


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