Internal water damage

Aug 3, 2023
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United Kingdom
Recently I had quite a bit of water damage to my kitchen ceiling and coving. I had an issue with my gutter repaired and also found a hole in my roughcasting which I repaired. The damage mostly seemed to dry out. I bought a moisture gauge which has prongs. I tested the corner of the coving as this was where the main part of the damage started but it was still showing very wet (after 4 weeks). The prong has made a hole in the coving and I now have drips of water coming through, although it is not raining and hasn't rained for a few days. Is it possible for water to sit in the ceiling/wall and now because of the hole its escaping out or is it likely that the source of the leak is more internal? Very confusing as the damage hasn't got worse but not fully drying but now dripping out now there is a hole. Or should I leave it to drip as this may finally help it dry out once and for all? Any help would be appreciated as Im unsure what to do.


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