Insulated wall options

Mar 11, 2018
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hi .... we are currently renovating an old Victorian farmhouse and stripping out the kitchen ready to install new one, but using this as an opportunity to insultate the room. It’s a single storey brick extension with rendered external walls, it’s a cavity wall but I don’t want to go down the road of cavity wall insulation so looking at internal options.

As the internal walls are not straight I am inclined to install a dry lining and run the electrical cables and central heating piping through this but what would be the best best insulation method to go with, celotex between the battens and plasterboard? Sheeps wall between battens and plasterboard or just thermal plasterboard over the top of the battens? Finally, would it be sensible to install a vapour barrier.... there is currently no condensation or signs of on the walls. Thanks!

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