Husky Air Compressor

Jul 18, 2021
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United States
I have a husky 30 gallon 175psi home compressor. At first when I bought it used it would slowly build to the 175 psi but it literally took it forever. Like probably 35--40 minutes. When using, it wouldn't even keep and impact running. I replaced a pressure switch and most recently I replaced that plate that goes between the cylinder and the head. I has valves in it. I now takes a very long time to even get to 20 psi.
I don't want to chunk the thing, it looks almost new and doesn't appear to have been used much. The line going from the head to the tank doesn't have any leaks that I can tell. Besides the piston and ring package is there any thing else to try. The piston and ring look to be in great shape. But that is another expense. Is it even worth changing that part or just scrap and buy a new one? I don't use one often but I would like to have one available when I do need it. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this thing.




Apr 19, 2017
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Can I suggest a search on "U Tube" ?? if you have not tried it??

Type in something like the following??

husky 30 gallon 175psi home compressor.strip down and rebuild

If the above does not work, try differing versions of the words?

if like me. on the other side of the Atlantic I have never heard of such machines, but?? U Tube has a load of really good [at times] information??


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