Howdy from the PNW

Jan 12, 2020
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United States
Hey Ladies/Gents,

As the title says, I'm from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, specifically Washington State. I've made a post on here already, and plan to add a few more as time goes on. However, the introduction comes first.

You know where I live, so I'll skip that. My names Thomas, I work for AWS (Amazon Web Services) in their Data Centers. I work in IT, and love it. As I stated in one of my posts, I'm a computer geek & alcohol freak. I don't drink, ironic, but the majority of my family is alcoholics. I've always thought it was courteous to offer a beverage/drink to guests, be it water/juice/alcohol, which is why I have such an extensive alcohol collection. I'm 6'5", 375lbs, I'm a pretty big dude. I'm currently on the war path to losing weight and being healthier all around. My current hobbies are coding (web/software/game development), graphics design, gaming (EVE Online / Black Desert Online), and archiving. My total storage capacity at home is roughly 500TB of usable space, in total drives I have roughly 1.1PB of disk space. My family pretty much owns a farm, we have horses, chickens, cows, pigs, (had ducks, mom's dog kept killing them, =( ), and several dogs (mostly Great Danes and Chihuahua.

I joined this forums to obtain guidance for several of my projects I've come up with, I'd rather build something that lasts, than spend money on something I'll just have to buy again. Here's my post I made;


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