How do you stretch and reattach springs on Everest sliding sash windows?

Jul 6, 2018
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I have an Everest PVCu sliding sash window with springs.

One of the springs on the lower sash has become detached. The bottom end of the spring (picture 1) has come out of the bush (picture 6) that it usually slots into.

I couldn't stretch the bottom end of the spring down to reach the bush and slot it back in, so I tried unscrewing it from the top fitting (picture 3). I have now slid the whole spring down and managed to reattach the bottom end (pic 5), but I still can't stretch the top of the spring back up the 50cm required to reattach it at the top (pic 3).

I don't think that the spring is defective (I have three spares and they are all the same - I cannot stretch those springs at all). It is clear from other windows that the springs can/should stretch so the spring extends outside of its PVC tube (pic 4).

The springs don't have a hole at the bottom to take a tensioning/fitting tool.

How are you supposed to attach such a spring? Do you need a special tool? Are you supposed to attach the top or the bottom end first? Access is really fiddly at the bottom. Even if there was a special tool and I had one, I can't see how you could feasibly get to the bush with the window in place (pic 8 ).

for background, there are two springs for each of the two sashes in a window. The window is double glazed and quite heavy (about 20kg). Sashes can tilt inwards (for cleaning) via a 'hinge'/spindle in the bush at the bottom of the sash. There is no access from outdoors.

The window is from 2002 and is out of warranty. Everest don't return my calls/emails. Local window shops, etc aren't interested.



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