Hot tub repair new gate valve leak

Feb 28, 2019
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i have an old Hottub ive been repairing for years. Just replaced heater manifold. It had a coupling that would separate with a flat head but I was stupid and took the screws out and didn’t get flat head. Broke the flange on the slice gate valve. Other side of flange is hard pipes in and not replaceable without a lot of work and would need it to be warmer to cement outside. I got A gate valve I was able to make work at local store. After I bolted the new gate valve back together with original flange, it has a leak. This happened last time I replaced a hate valve on it. My roommate used some kind of flat roll of something to seal the other check valve. That’s probably my plan with this one. My question is, is there something I’m doing wrong when I am installing these new gate valves? Maybe a torque setting. I’m using a new gate valve with the new seals inside. I imagine I am over tightening it. Super annoying. I also have a leak at the connection to the pump but I imagine the new gasket got misaligned and should be easy fix. I also seem to have broken my pressure switch which I’ve replaced before and have it heating currently with it bypassed. (I know pump could burn up and break heater but it’s only a year old pump so not my top priority and think maybe the pressure switch may work again when it warms up. I’m mostly concerned that the 10 degree temperatures could break a fitting somewhere without warm circulating water. I shop vacd our water after I broke flange but who knows)


Nov 13, 2018
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Warrenton, North Carolina USA
Welcome to the forum Larry. Some pictures would help us to visualize the problem more accurately. I have spent many hours scrunched inside hot tubs getting them to work properly. One thing I can say is they are the worst things I have found to stop leaks on.

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