Jun 24, 2014
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I am a newbie on this site. I am semi skilled in keeping up my house and car. I live down here south of I-10 along the River. A very blue collar area and when I let the guys know that jambalaya and beer were offered in return for help. Well we laid 1000 square foot of tile from 6 inch counter tile to 16 inch ceramic floor tile. I have found that the grout was to lite in color and show everything. There are also low spots here and there. We have sealed the grout but it has already showing signs of future problems. If I sweep and mop very well, can I lay down and reseal another layer of grout? Am I wrong in thinking that a darker grout would be better. I originally wanted to put a coffee brown grout on the den and kitchen floors (16 inch slate grey ceramic tiles) and a nice deep tercta red in the bathroom (beige tiles.) For the white porcelain on the counter tops I like black.
I don't want to dig out the grout but if necessary I can find a few young men with young backs who will work all day.
Any ideas? I am open to color changes. How would you fix this problem.
No, beer was served until the end of each day (Mama, she raised me good) Big Red

PS: I usually call Dad (82) but he got another call. But he is still in my old noggin telling me how to fix stuff. He could fix about anything but new cars and new country music. He kept a clothes hamper for over 30 years when finally it was nothing but duct tape and Mom tossed out when he was out at the hardware. She is a tough old broad :)


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