Greetings from Florida

Apr 23, 2020
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United States

I'm a bit of a diy type, though just minor stuff, no real technical skills.

Thing is, about 40 years ago, we purchased 1/2 undeveloped acres outside of town--unincorporated. First putting a mobile home on it--well, septic, electrical etc. Then over time enclosed screen room a cinder block addition behind that and another full length one on the other side. Over the years my mother added fill dirt to the back yard where water used to drain, plus as her neighbors passed, new owners added dirt to their property--it's only 15' above sea level so local ordinances require higher levels--which just drains more of the water into her yard, and she's having water come in the back far corner of the full length addition (the ditches have eroded over the years and county isn't going to do much about it.) And there's a lot of things going wrong as you'd expect from a self-built 40 year old home. She is 70 years old and overwhelmed with all this, not one to just move somewhere else, I'd like to help her fix it so she can stay there. Hopefully with your help we can come up with some practical solutions and keep her in her home.




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