GIMP image editor.

Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

I've been using Gimp for over ten years mostly basic stuff like resizing images to add to forums or to lighten dark images due to living in Yorkshire but a few days ago I was really struggling when I wanted to modify violin music scores to suit me;

I'd tried using Gimp; Irfanview; paint; emachineshop CAD; other forums but simply couldn't achieve what I was after; after a bit of thought and out of curiosity I wondered if there was a Gimp forum and was delighted to find there was as seen at the link above. If you already use Gimp then perhaps this might be useful if not I highly recommend Gimp it being totally free and a powerful image editor; I've always found Gimp to be trustworthy.

Kind regards, Colin.


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