Fancy Outdoor Or indoor Shower from IBC Tote

Apr 15, 2019
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United States
I have had this idea for some time now and then a while back I saw some on pintrest so I kind of copied it but added my own elements like I used flattened 1 inch PVC pipe and sawed one side off and then stained it with wood stain to get a simulated wood look.

This outdoor shower I'm building is for my Homestead I'm building from raw land in the Ozarks in Missouri USA. I will be running it off of a natural spring from up the mountain a ways. Then I plan to use an on demand propane water heater. While this make a great outdoor shower and is very durable and relatively cheap to build I think with planning it would also make a great indoor shower as it gives the elegant look of a Japanese rice paper wall. The only draw back is the size, You would need a 42 inch door to get it in but in my case I was thinking of building it in. If the need ever arises to take it out it would have to be cut up into pieces. It could also be used in a shed or pole barn situation.

I could not find a video on how to make one so I made a video.

What are your guy's thoughts and please feel free to comment, good or bad and thanks for watching.

Here is a link to my video:


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