Duct/fan suggestions for heating the whole house using a mini split?

Mar 12, 2019
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I am trying to heat the main floor and the basement using only one mini split heat pump.
My house is about 1000 square feet and R20 in the wall and R40 in the ceiling. It is located in climate zone 6. I am not sure how to compute the required BTU.
I don't have a furnace so I would need to add some duct/fan but I am not sure what is the best setup for this.
Would the mini split heat pump be located on the main floor of the basement?
Is it better to have one big fan with a single large duct like a furnace or should I use many smaller fan with several smaller duct?
I was thinking of sending the hot air at the bottom of the main floor near the exterior wall and returning the air by taking it from the center of the house near the ceiling. I would do the reverse on the basement.
But I am not sure how to connect an air exchanger with all those ducts. One idea I had was to use my locker room like a 'virtual furnace' pass all the air through that room. That way I could put my air exchanger there along with a dehumidifier.
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