Dry Wall TV Mount (discussion and background please)

Sep 8, 2018
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Hi all,

I'm after a bit of help and guidance, and background info, rather than a simple "do this" answer.

Sorry for the waffle but here goes.

We've just moved into a new house, with plasterboard galore, and have been finding out more about good fixings for drywall.

I've hung 3 guitars to the walls using drywall-anchors (the corkscrew kind that self-drill into the plasterboard, then a screw into that) - these work great, really happy with them.

I'm now looking at putting a TV on the wall again (had this in our old house).

The tv bracket came with eight big chunky 6x50mm(?) screws, and some straightforward 10x50mm rawlplugs. these actually secured the TV fine to plasterboard in the last house, since I'm guessing the weight is being applied directly downwards at the wall surface.

Once question I have is, does the size of screw actually matter that much? If I feel those corkscrew wall-anchors would do a good job, could I use 8 of these, with much thinner screws compared to those that came with the tv, plus a washer on each so they actually secure the wall bracket?

Another issue I face is, knowing if and where there is something behind the plasterboard - not directly behind, but I drilled into one previously, and hit open space, but then brick further back. Probably too far back to be of use.

I was planning on using some of these (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M4-x-32mm-HEAVY-DUTY-METAL-HOLLOW-WALL-ANCHORS-x-10-Cavity-Plasterboard-Plugs-/191821972427) but the brick basically got in the way.

What's a good option in this type of scenario?

Also, if you do find a stud beam, do you end up with normal wood screws into that, then dry-wall rawlplugs everywhere else? (thinking about the case of a large tv bracket spanning the wall).


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