Do you point a lead roof valley?

Jan 7, 2013
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I currently have a leak in my roof and have had several quotes form roofers all offering different advice and vastly differenct prices.

The leak appears to be coming from a vallley in the roof which has lead flashing. The roofers have all said the lead is fine but the water is getting in at the edge of the valley where the lead goes beneath the tiles.

One roofer has said that the valley was never pointed and due to heavy rain recently the rain is just going straight under the tiles and all that needs doing is to point the valley as it has neve been done.

The next roofer identifies the leak in the same place but this time says that the lead is only 12" wide and should be 15" to allow for a lip to be folded at the edges where the lead sits just under the tiles. He also said that the valley does not need pointing as this allows the roof to breathe and that it is in fact against building regs these days to point the valley.

So my question is whos right? Should the edges of the lead under the tiles be pointed or not?

Appologies if this isnt a great explination




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