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Jul 11, 2021
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United States
New guy here seeking recommendations please! I have 2 antique guns I want to display under glass in a bubble jar. I need help with choosing the right steel rod. I will need a rod small enough to go down the barrel of a .22 revolver yet strong enough not to flex. It will have a right angle bend on one end the other end threaded. The threaded end will bolt through the wooden base to secure the rod. The other end goes down the barrel to support the gun in a horizontal position. When all is done it should look like the guns are suspended in air one above the other. The longest rod will support the the smallest gun it weighs in at 9 oz. the short rod will need to support a 13.2 oz. gun. What rod to use & where to find it? I look forward to any information, Thanks LenH




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