Decorating Advice - Tape Around Doors Lifting and Cracks in Walls



Looking for some advice on two issues I have.

Firstly, the tape around the doorframe in a couple of doors in my house and also above the skirting board, in the area between the skirting and wall are starting to lift and come away. It looks pretty unsightly and it's particularly bad around the doors, where I suspect the vibration when the door is banged, leads the tape to lift over time. I wonder what's the best way to resolve prior to me re-decorating - emulsion walls. Not sure if I need to cut out the lifted tape or emulsion over it and hope it sticks down?

Secondly, I have some fine cracks on some of the walls. It's a 1950's build with strange honeycomb type walls, I understand these cracks are normal and wondered if a decent thick emulsion would help to fill and hide the cracks. Anyone got any ideas or recommendations of good products to work with here.



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