Daunting Floor Project

May 13, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi, I am a competent DIYer but have got a project that I could really do with some guidance. I am working with an uneven concrete floor with a 50 year old bitumen coat that was under a 50mm screed that I lifted to get more headroom and try and stop the rising damp. I am going to put down two coats of bitumen DPM on top of the existing bitumen and then want to level using 0-10mm self leveling screed with a primer rolled on 3 hours beforehand. I am then going to apply 2 coats of epoxy DPM over the screed to ensure that I prevent the rising damp. I then intend to glue down 25mm rigid insulation and then glue down 14mm engineered oak boarding. My questions are:

What will the drying time be for up to 10mm thickness (in certain areas) before I can paint on the epoxy.
I do not want to fit screws to produce leveling points for obvious reasons, have you any suggestions in order to achieve the correct flatness.
Do I need to cover the screed to cure it or will a closed room be adequate for retaining moisture content.
Finally would it be preferable to fill in the deepest areas with a layer of self leveling screed and let it dry and then apply the final leveling coat.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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