Conservatory gutter

Aug 30, 2018
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This is my first post - I'm hoping someone can help with identifying my conservatory gutter type and maybe suggest some suppliers and/or repair tips.

I have a recurring leak from where the corner section of the guttering connects to an open box (?) section aluminium gutter in the valley between my single story dining room and the conservatory roof.

The leak causes a stain down the upvc and glass.

Last year I dis-assembled the corner and found the rubber/butyl seals at the aluminium end of the pvc corner section were damaged and distorted, presumably because the original fitter had not used the silicone lubricant - just rammed it home with brute force. I thought I'd made a good repair using gutter sealant but it's not been effective in the long term as the leak has come back.

Now I'd like to replace the corner section with new seals and a new spring clip (internal, as can be seen in the photos).

But, I can't find anything in the diy stores or online that looks like these gutters.

The aluminium box gutter is approx 220 mm across the top; the ogee gutter on the conservatory side is approx 162 mm across the top.

Can anyone identify the makers / suppliers - or tell me there's a way to fix this permanently, please? It's all a bit tight in there - imposible to get my hands in and see what I'm doing at the same time!

Thanks in advance for reading.

Snubber (Dave)

gutter1 small.jpg
gutter2 small.jpg

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