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Sep 11, 2021
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A couple years ago I noticed the caulk cracked so I cleaned it up, and recaulked it. Looks like water damage on inside right bottom side. This is a new construction window, and I cut the caulk around the window on the inside. Not sure if I should be able to do this, but I can push the window about 1/4" out from the inside at the bottom right corner. The rest of the window I can move maybe 1/8".

Not sure if the company that installed these windows screwed up or if this window just needs replaced. The other windows seem fine still.

I bought this house almost 5 years ago. For all I know these are the same windows that came with the house in 1998 When it was built.

If I replace this window do I measure from the inside for the measurements or the outside? I've replaced replacement windows in the past, but not this style. Not much different just the nails or screws on the outside.
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