Window head flashing on old home

Nov 9, 2020
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United States

I recently purchased an old home with traditional three layer stucco siding. A couple of the windows had some rot in the sills near the exterior storm windows, which I fixed using wood filler / epoxy. I assumed this rot was due to blocked weep screen on the storms, preventing condensation from escaping. The sills hadn't been painted in awhile and had some cracking.

However, recently looking at the flashing on the window header, I am wondering if there is an issue. Normally I would only expect a single z-flashing / drip cap, but these windows appear to have two. The top metal flashing is bent upwards and the bottom flashing is sloped downwards (as you would expect). The top metal flashing piece has stucco and caulk directly up against it with no gap. A gap exists between the top and bottom flashing (to allow moisture to escape the siding?).

Attached are photos of 1) Window sill, 2) Window header from below, 3) Left side of window header, 4) Right side of window header.

My question is, is there anything to be concerned with for this flashing? I couldn't find an example of flashing like this on the internet, and am unsure if it was the true root cause of the window sill rot. Without getting behind the siding, I can't actually see how it was installed, so have just been guessing about why it was done this way.





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