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May 15, 2021
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I have owned a home-operated electrical company for 27 years now, and I have been using a standard residential (ring & tip) analog phone line for such time. The phones we use (for the business line) are of a commercial type (corded handset, call waiting, speakerphone, conference call, dual line, etc...). They are AASTRA-1224, or Nortel/Meridian M7310.

I am in need of a new commercial phone, like the AASTRA identified above. I don't want a residential cordless handset c/w charging dock. While they might work, their not for continued heavier office use.

I am understanding that such analog phone lines (from the utility) are being "phased out", and VOIP phones will be replacing them, that is, in North America.


Ought I avoid buying this type of analog phone again?

Or should I begin with VOIP phones?

If so, what are the reasons/advantages to VOIP?


Nov 28, 2022
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United Kingdom
In the 'olden days' VOIP quality was terrible, and i avoided introducing them to the company where i work.
However with isdn being phased out i took the plunge last year and moved to VOIP.

It has been a good reliable experience for us, and it is much easier to redirect calls etc when i need to. The quality has been good as well

The downside is that if your internet goes down, then you have no email communication or phone line.

I am based in the UK and we have rock solid internet at work (fttp) so depending on your location and internet connection quality, your experience may vary.

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