Vinyl Siding vs Fiber Cement

Feb 18, 2019
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Hello, I have an older rental home and the existing masonite siding on one side home is in bad condition (no sun to dry thing out maybe?)

I need to replace most of the siding on that side of the home, my question is do I just replace that one side with 12" wide fiber cement board to match the rest of the home and paint it to match (all the home needs to be painted again as it's been 10 years) or drop $20 - 25 K to replace it all in vinyl siding?

Right now I plan on keeping the home for 5 more years....maybe more before selling it.

You can see where I just replaced a few that were damaged with fiber cement board.




Nov 13, 2018
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Warrenton, North Carolina USA
You look to have a far more serious problem than just the horizontal boards. With that much mold on the boards I am going to guess that there is moisture in the interior. The picture with the board seems to confirm that. You have a vent at the peak so theoretically the wall should be able to breathe and eliminate moisture. The only foolproof way to know is to remove all the siding and see what is underneath. If my suspension is right you are going to find a lot of rotten wood under there.

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