UK - waterproof powe socket extension

Apr 15, 2023
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United Kingdom
I have a waterproof box that is going to house a tools battery charger.

The 3 prong uk power plug for this charger will be enclosed in the box and so I want a 3 prong uk socket in this box supplying the power and the charger will be plugged into this.

I will already have a small hole just above the box that is being used for an external ethernet poe cable passed from inside the house.

I don't think I should be drilling any more holes so I guess I need a power cable fromm standard uk socket that can fit through this smallish hole and attach a gang socket within the box itself.

So in short, the power cable should not have a moulded gang socket on the end but detachable for the purpose of easy installation with no rewiring.

This is a UK power system. It's not easy finding suitable products whe unsure of connections. Any ideas?


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