RSJs Sticking out of roof

Aug 31, 2015
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I have 2 RSJs sticking out of my roof (tiles removed and replaced with lead flashing by whoever did the job years ago, I have been in house 5 years, was done by some geezer about 8 years ago I think)
I havent encountered a visible problem with this until last week, when water was seaping down an internal wall directly below an RSJ. Turns out the lead flashing had come loose. I have "reapplied?" the flashing though on inspection I think the RSJ is rusted at the end that is sticking out of room line, I suspect the other one is too. A carpenter friend who works for a large reputable building company thinks that we can cut the RSJs back with an angle grinder. Though I have an engineering degree it is in Chemical Engineering not mechanical or civil, though from what I read I am worried that cutting it back may cause structural issues (the loft conversion floor is below the RSJ level so I think the RSJ is supporting the ceilings of the rooms below?). Is it a good idea to leave it as it is or cut back with angle grinders and cover with new tiles?



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