Room air conditioner for tall narrow window

Jun 11, 2018
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I need a solution to add AC to a sunroom (originally a patio that was closed in with very tall sliding windows) now converted to a bedroom.. it's about 20° hotter than the rest of the house despite blocking the sun from most of the windows, and it's too expensive to run the central air long enough to cool this room. Ceiling fan doesn't cut it when full sun hits all afternoon & it's 100°+ for several hours in there.

The West wall is all windows - sliders - and the opening is 15" wide x 57.25" tall. 'I'm having no luck finding a tall, narrow window unit, and I don't know how to block the rest of the window above the unit on the few narrow ones out there. There is one 8' wide window high up on the North wall, with the opening 4' wide x 3' tall, but again, that's a lot to block.

I welcome any suggestions and thank you for your time.
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