Replace a ceiling fan timer switch with a regular wall outlet (plugin)--possible?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Cheryl70x7, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Cheryl70x7


    Aug 24, 2018
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    Good morning! I live in a manufactured home built in the 90's. The master bathroom has no wall outlets! When I use my space heater in there in the winter, I have to use a small extension cord for the heater cord to reach the nearest plugin which is outside the bathroom in the bedroom. I understand how dangerous extension cords are with heaters, as the cords get very hot. There is an electrical box in the bathroom that used to house the timer for the ceiling fan. The fan stopped working and I removed the timer because it ticked very loudly. I'm wondering if It is workable to put a wall plugin in that box in place of the fan timer? Thank you for any ideas offered!
    Cheryl70x7, Aug 24, 2018
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  2. Cheryl70x7

    Don Farrell

    Jun 3, 2018
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    If the box for the fan was housing a switch you may be in trouble.

    Switches are designed to interrupt the power side of the cable (black), the return (white) is not touched.

    If the box contains a White, Black and copper wire you might be able to use it providing the voltage is 120Vac.

    Please take a picture of the inside of the box so I can see what you have there.
    Don Farrell, Aug 29, 2018
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