Planning Drawings and actual accuracy.

Feb 28, 2018
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Hello , my neighbour recently made me aware of a planning application which could affect me. I was not sent details of this application but realise that I can apply for a copy. The intention is to build 2 detached properties across from my house which currently enjoys extensive views. Though the new properties do not lie directly in front of my house there is scope for the end of a new property infringing my view. From the current plans I am a bit unsure of the exact edge of the new property even though the plans are shown down to 3 decimal places in metres. The reason for this is that a curved boundary wall is used as a measurement point and it’s difficult to know what part of the curve is used as a base point.
I have 2 questions.
1. Is there generally a definite reference point from which all other distances are measured?
2. During construction how closely to the original plan does the actual building have to adhere. ie. What is building tolerance ,
1 cm , 5 cms , 10 cms , 50 cms etc. and who comes to check that these tolerances are being adhered to. Don’t want to end up with a
“ fete accomplis “.


Jul 11, 2020
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Yarm, UK
United Kingdom
Without directly answering your question on accuracy, I have other observations for you:
a. Any request for planning consent should trigger your local authority sending out invitations for comment to nearby residents. Since the planned construction is to be opposite your property, then you should most definitely be consulted;
b. You have no right to light or view in planning terms. That is, if your view is spoilt, then tough;
c. The only point where you have some rights is where say, you are in a row of bungalows, and the planned construction is multi storey. This means different things to different planning departments ...... some would say no to a simple two storey property as it isn't in accordance with existing properties in the immediate locality. Other planning departments would allow 3 or 4 storey if there is a pressure for more accommodation in the area;
d. Planning rules can be vague about dimension accuracy, and buildings have been known to have been moved from the original planned position by applying for a variation (sometimes AFTER completion!).

No apologies for the length of my reply, but I have had 50 years experience of buildings going up in my locality or building my own property. Maybe you could arrange a meeting with the developer as we have recently done with a development here. The developer took our comments into consideration and has altered the application.


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