Oven not heating.

Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

Just a quick tip for anyone unfamiliar with oven elements. Our 22 year old Stoves cooker oven element failed just a couple of days or so ago; generally this is a very easy repair indeed without calling in help.

First job is to isolate the electrical supply not by just switching the oven off but at the main wall switch. With power definitely turned off and the oven now electrically safe open the oven door and remove any shelves then remove the rear cover at the oven back; just four screws on ours; put the cover aside; now the element can be seen; just two screws on ours to remove then gently pull the connecting wires through and disconnect these at the spade terminals; be careful not to let the wires disappear or the oven will need to come out to gain access to them.

Look for the oven model number this should be a small label to the front of the oven just inside the door; note the model etc then browse the web; I use "espares" and enter the details; there were two elements for our oven a genuine Stoves and a compatible; I chose the genuine and paid extra for next day delivery.

Within five minutes of the element being delivered our oven was up and running again; for the genuine element plus next day delivery it was £40 but half this for the compatible element; unless funds are short buy the genuine element every time.

There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to change oven elements but many who don't know will get a service engineer in. I hope this is of interest.

Kind regards, Colin.

Blown element._0001.JPG

Our blown element; just two screws secure it in position and only two wires on this one.


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