Osmo and kitchen tabletop

Discussion in 'General DIY and Home Improvement' started by kah22, Aug 31, 2018.

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    Aug 31, 2018
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    As I’m a new boy on the block I’ll post here until I get a better feel for the Forum

    I’ve a round wooden table top addition to my kitchen island. I’m sure you e seen the type I mean. Anyway I decided to get rid of some watermarks and minor scratchers so sanded the whole thing down until all the blemishes were gone, then applied Osmo top oil.

    The problem is I think I’ve applied to much - four coats, and I think it would be true to say I overdone it with the last coat, it is now obvious that there is to much Osmo on the wooden top. The question is; what to do?

    I’ve picked this up from the Osmo site and it seems to describe my difficulty
    OK I have excess and it has dried could anyone give me a little bit more detail advice as to what to do with the methylated spirits

    As I indicated above this is a first post, so fingers crossed some of you can help

    kah22, Aug 31, 2018
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