Osmo and kitchen tabletop

Aug 31, 2018
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As I’m a new boy on the block I’ll post here until I get a better feel for the Forum

I’ve a round wooden table top addition to my kitchen island. I’m sure you e seen the type I mean. Anyway I decided to get rid of some watermarks and minor scratchers so sanded the whole thing down until all the blemishes were gone, then applied Osmo top oil.

The problem is I think I’ve applied to much - four coats, and I think it would be true to say I overdone it with the last coat, it is now obvious that there is to much Osmo on the wooden top. The question is; what to do?

I’ve picked this up from the Osmo site and it seems to describe my difficulty
Over application - a maximum of two thinly applied brushed coats is recommended. Thick applications results in very little or no penetration, whilst excess application leaves surplus oil to remain on the surface. Over-application not only extends the drying time, but also creates a tacky surface in which the detriments are the additional attraction of dust, dirt and lint - as well as the surface becoming more susceptible to scratches and wear more quickly.
Remedy: allow for extra ventilation and remove excess application immediately with a clean and dry cloth. If the excess has already dried, the use of methylated spirit helps to degrease the surface from the excess and further helps should sanding be necessary.
OK I have excess and it has dried could anyone give me a little bit more detail advice as to what to do with the methylated spirits

As I indicated above this is a first post, so fingers crossed some of you can help


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