No water upstairs in the morning (running kitchen tap fixes it )

Mar 16, 2020
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United Kingdom
(Details: Conventional boiler (10 yrs old), downstairs emersion heater, 3 story town house, mostly mixer taps, no pump for upstairs bathroom showers, no tank in loft, two stopcocks under sink (is this normal?))
So our plumbing is behaving very weirdly. We had horrendous hammer, and two separate plumbers (with barely looking) diagnosed the pressure regulating valve near the emersion heater. So a few hundred pounds later no fix. Turns out, a push button toilet inlet valve had perished, somehow causing the water to shut on/off repeatedly when filling the cistern, so changing that (myself) has made a huge improvement.
We still get a bit of hammer, but nothing anywhere near the continuous banging caused by the toilet. What we seem to have is severe air lock issues as sometimes water spits and splatters out of taps, and toilets flush quite violently. The worst of it is that in the morning seemingly after bathrooms not been in use for a few hours (sometime at night) water will not flow from taps. So I have to go down to the kitchen, turn on the cold tap briefly, and then everything starts to work. Running the donstairs bathroom tap does not fix it. i have bled the system a number of times (but not the hose pipe method).

thanks in advance


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